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He's Lying Sis (Paperback)
He's Lying Sis (Paperback)
He's Lying Sis (Paperback)
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Get ready to uncover the truth behind his words and his actions! "He's Lying Sis" will show you some of the most common lies men tell, and what to do about it when they do! 

This groundbreaking book, jam-packed with expert insight and advice will help you:

A better relationship IS possible if you know the right steps to take…

And when a man hurts you, you can read this book to find out how to take control, keep your sanity intact, and navigate the situation with grace and ease.

This book is a must read so get your copy today!

Love After Heartbreak: Volume 1 (Paperback)
Love After Heartbreak: Volume 1 (Paperback)
Love After Heartbreak: Volume 1 (Paperback)
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Finding happiness after heartbreak begins here!

Sometimes it feels like the pain will never go away…

Maybe your parents abandoned you. Maybe your best friend betrayed you. Or maybe your lifelong partner just decided to pack their bags and leave all of a sudden.

When someone who is “supposed” to love you decides to walk away from you, it can be extremely devastating. But no matter what the scenario, you should know that the pain of rejection and heartbreak is pain everyone experiences, often more than once, just in different ways. And you should know it’s okay to grieve the loss.

However, what’s NOT okay is letting the pain cripple you to a point where you can’t function, concentrate, or accomplish anything. Every day, month, or year you spend sulking is precious time you won’t get back. It doesn’t serve you.

So if you’ve been struggling to move forward after being hurt in any kind of way, then you NEED this guide! It’s like therapy, but in a book.

Learn how to:

  • Identify the layers of brokenness that need repair
  • Begin your unique self-healing journey
  • Find inner peace and true happiness
  • Wholly love yourself and everything you are
  • Get on the path to a brand new fulfilling, rewarding, and restorative future!

You have a choice. You can continue hurting and wallowing in misery. OR you can be proactive about taking a DEEP dive into a solution that’s specifically designed to heal your heart.

It’s time to banish the pain, misery, and resentment you’ve been wrestling with. Order this book today and start feeling better right away!

Now’s your chance to get your life back! 🙌