7 Limiting Beliefs Stopping You From Meeting The Right Man

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For us to be able to succeed in life, we should believe it to receive it. This mindset can bring our lives to bigger heights in every aspect. Even when we’re entering relationships, we should start thinking and manifesting how our relationship with a person goes.

Do you want to meet the right man for you soon, but you think men are all the same? Like they're not serious and just playing games? This is a perfect example of limiting beliefs that have your walls up and doors closed. Here’s how to break those thoughts and a guide on how you’ll meet the right one!

1. “Good men don’t exist.”

If you don’t think good men exist, how will you meet one?

You might answer, “if there’s one then he should be with me here now.” This isn't how we should think. We need to be open to possibilities and never close our hearts to love or at least TRY again.

Because once you entertain your thinking that “good men don't exist”, you’ll always hesitate to try meeting and getting to know a person that could be the one who’s for you. This can lead to letting Mr. Right slip away!

Remember, a good or great man for you still exists out there. The only kind of man you won’t meet in life is the one who’s perfect because no one is!

Perfection doesn’t exist. Always be open to try and never block a person who’s interested in you right away.

At the same time, be wise in choosing who you will spend your time with because we’re not looking for someone temporary. We’re always looking for someone who stays.

2. “Men date just for a night and not for a lifetime.”

“Men date just to get through the night.” This is how most women think when dating but believe it or not, this isn't always the case.

There are still men who date with pure intention. Though I can’t blame the ladies for thinking this way because there are still insincere men who just want “that one thing.”

When you feel a man only pursues you because of your body, make sure you're being hyper aware of the situation because you might be overthinking or just letting your trust issues with men get inside of your head.

You should try to know the person fully before you make assumptions.

3. “If he truly loves me, then he should accept me for how I am.”

I hate to burst your bubble, but this idea is a no-no for me. You shouldn’t only expect the person to take you as you are.

When you’re dating, you must be the true version of yourself and you must be accepting your shortcomings.

Nobody’s perfect so accept your flaws and your attitude. Then if it’s bad, you have to try and change it for good later on. This is not only for your man but also for you.

It’s accepting the things you can or can’t do that will make you grow as a better person that will lead you in meeting the man that is for you.

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Your coach,

Stephan Speaks


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