7 Red Flags In Dating You Should Never Ignore

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A lot of relationships begin because people choose to ignore major red flags that are coming their way. Those same relationships end because of said red flags.

I don't want that to be you, I want to help and save you from falling into that trap.

This post is going to be for all the men and women who are dating right now or who are getting ready to be in a relationship soon.

Normally, when someone happens to really like the person they're dating, they see a red flag, they'll rationalize it.

Once they’ve noticed a red flag, they’ll make all kinds of excuses  as to why it's not really a red flag.

If you want to be successful in dating or in relationships, you have to learn how to stop overlooking these red flags.

Instead, learn how to start effectively addressing them. If you can do that and you're not seeing a change in your partner, then you know it's time to cut them off.

It's time to move on because you did your part and gave them the opportunity to correct the issue.

In this post, I want to give you seven red flags that you should never ignore.

1. They talk badly about their ex

I know some of you might be thinking, "does someone who doesn’t talk bad about their ex even exist?" Lol and the answer is yes, there are people who don't talk badly about their ex!

At some point, especially when the pain is still there, it can be forgivable to say not-so-good things about your ex.

But if it’s already been ages and you’re still not over them, that’s when it becomes a red flag.

People talk about their past relationships and everything is about what the ex did wrong and they can never identify what they themselves could have done better.

This is a preview of what you're going to be dealing with in your own relationship with them.

This shows how negatively they can talk about their past partner, and it’s a huge problem because this is a sign they haven’t healed yet.

If they haven’t healed, then what are they bringing into the current potential relationship?

So many relationships have failed because people have brought in previous baggage to a new person.

This new person ends up dealing with things that aren't even their fault and having to sift through all the nonsense because of the damage someone else did.

That will never be fair. It isn’t healthy for you and it’s going to kill the relationship sooner or later.

So, once you see that someone talks very badly about their ex, talk about it.

They do need some more healing, they need to get to a better place and you want to make sure they find some peace.

2. They lie about the little things

Now, I chose specifically to say "the little things" because what I have seen in a lot of situations is people just brushing off the white lie.

It's not a big deal, it's a small lie here and there. But here's the thing, I’ve never met a person who consistently does white lies, who doesn't give big lies at some point.

I understand that it's going to happen sometimes, but when you're noticing a consistent pattern involving consistent lying about things, then that’s not a good sign.

This is a warning sign because if they don't feel comfortable enough telling you the truth in small moments and insignificant situations, then imagine what they're going to do in the bigger ones. Imagine what they're going to do when there's a greater fear of how you'll respond.

This is a red flag that you have to nip it in the bud right away. You can't laugh it off or brush it off.

Talk about it, be honest to one another, and again, let's create an environment and a relationship where we can be honest about everything.

It can be hard, but it's something that you have to establish, at the very least in your romantic relationships with the person that you're trying to potentially share your life with.

If you two can't be honest with each other, then it's just going to lead to a slippery slope of mistrust - and that's not why we enter relationships.

3. How they treat other people

You can tell a lot about somebody by how they treat other individuals.

Not even about how they treat you, don't get me wrong, how they treat you is a higher priority of course.

But we can’t ignore how they treat other people because if they treat other people poorly, then chances are at some point it’s going to seep into your relationship with them.

People can't hide their true character from you forever. Yes, they can bring you their best representative, but people can’t hold that up for too long.

Once you’ve noticed this kind of vibe from the person you’re dating, address the issue first, don’t just cut them off.

They deserve the opportunity to correct the issue because there is likely a root to that problem.

But if they're unwilling to correct it, if they're going to make excuses for it, then you can’t ignore it because “they treat you well”.

If they're really a good person at their core, then why they can't be good to other individuals?

Why aren't they good to people in general? We may all have our moments, but if they are consistently mistreating and disrespecting others, then that's a red flag that will ultimately make its way into your relationship.

It doesn’t stop here, I actually have four more red flags that you should be aware of. Head on my Youtube channel to complete the list and make sure to watch out for these! ⇒ 7 Red Flags In Dating You Should NEVER Ignore

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Your coach,

Stephan Speaks

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