7 Secret Thoughts A Man Has When He's Into You

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The way to know if your man is truly interested in you all based on whether or not you feel that you’re doing all the work in the relationship.

“Men are born to pursue women.”

Ideally, that’s how it should be and what you ladies deserve.

Yes, you can still do the pursuing, but if it feels that you’re the only one who makes an effort in the thing that the two of you share, won’t that make you think that something isn’t right?

You shouldn’t be overthinking, stressing over your relationship, or, most importantly, wondering if your man is being genuine. If he’s the right one, you’ll feel it.

So right now, as you read along, I'm going to share with you the 3 Secret Thoughts A Man Has When He's Into You.

 1.“Does she really love me?”

This thought will always be in a mind of a man who’s truly into you. He can’t help to think if you really love him.

He’ll be extra sensitive about the two of you and won’t take any jokes regardless of whether you’re still dating or already in a relationship.

When it comes to a conversation about the two of you, he’s extremely serious. He’s also soft and really into a conversation about planning the future with you in the picture.

This man is looking for assurance, like most of us do when we see the person we want to share our life with.

 2. “Is she thinking about me?”

Have you ever thought to yourself that you deserve to be on your man's priority list?

Have you ever thought that while being a priority for him that he should also be caring, loving, patient, and understanding? 

Men are thinking the same thing!

Men silently think they deserve the attention they're giving to the woman they plan to have a relationship with or even if they’re already in a relationship.

We must give the same energy that a person provides in any kind of relationship that we plan to have.

We should always practice “give and take” in this way; we’re giving one another fair treatment or the attention each person deserves.

 3. “Will she still respect me?”

Doesn’t it make you feel good when your man talks to you about everything? 

This is another proof that a man is genuinely into you when he starts to open up things that can be anything about him. From the smallest to biggest, he shares everything with you.

So when this happens, pay attention to him because he’ll be vulnerable to see how you act or listen to his stories.

Now here's where things can get sticky if you're not careful. Men have a fear around being vulnerable because they're afraid to have their weaknesses or insecurities thrown in their face. 

Let me give you a reminder that whenever you get into a tiff with your partner, to not use these things as a weapon to 'win' the fight.

This harms and really, no one wins in the end.

Instead, be calm, and talk things out when both of you have cooled off. This way, it won’t damage trust in you and he can continue to feel safe when he's being vulnerable.

I still have 4 more secret thoughts a man has when he’s into you, but you have to go and watch it here ⇒  7 SECRET THOUGHTS A Man Has When He's INTO YOU.


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Your coach,

Stephan Speaks


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