7 Things A Man Struggles With Admitting To A Woman

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As a woman, I’m sure there's probably been at least one time in your life where you've dealt with a man who won't open up or maybe they struggle with proper communication.

Either way, it becomes a very frustrating situation, hurtful, and confusing.

Not just confusing as far as not understanding what's going on with him right now, but confusing in the sense that you don't know how serious he is about you.

Why does he seem to not let you in and open himself up to you? The reality is that in many cases you're dealing with a man who is not ready to be in a healthy relationship.

However, there are also many other situations where men commonly struggle to open up about specific things.

I want to lay out to you how to be aware of the things men have trouble with admitting to women. I'll show you how to handle these specific issues and what you can do to allow a man to start opening up to you more.

The overall goal is to create a relationship where you can have more healthy communication.

1. He feels neglected.

There's a lot for me to share about this but I want to start with a very specific scenario because this is what I've seen happen to a lot of couples.

A lot of times, I'll see a scenario where the woman desires to have an additional child in addition to the kids that already exist within the relationship.

She's trying to get her man or her husband to have that extra child and he's very resistant.

What I have come across in so many situations is that the reason why the man does not want to have the additional child is not because he wouldn't enjoy a child with his woman...

...it's the fact that he feels like he's already not getting attention and priority in this relationship and adding another kid knocks him further down the line.

This doesn't let a man feel like he can allow anything else to come in this dynamic because he's not getting what he needs, and essentially, he's feeling neglected.

Unfortunately, it's difficult to admit that neglect is why you don't want to have another child.

Neglect is another reason why your man may not be pouring into you. That isn't an excuse, but it's a reality of what happens when these are your man's feelings.

Neglect can feel like rejection to him, so naturally, he retreats and changes his behavior based on that feeling.  

Neglect isn't simply about giving him "attention", it's also about giving him the specific type of attention that he's looking for.

2. He's jealous

I think it's important for women to understand that a lot of men can be very territorial. I also want you to understand that jealousy doesn’t equal real feelings.

I have seen plenty of men who had no serious interest in a woman. They've had no plans to escalate the situation to a real committed relationship, but they still can be extremely territorial, and jealous.

A man will never say that he’s jealous. Some people are okay with being real about it but most people feel awkward admitting that.

When a man doesn't deal with his jealousy, the worst case scenario is that he ends up retaliating instead of confronting it head on.

He'll take on the attitude of, "I’m going to make you feel what I’m feeling.”

It's an unhealthy behavior. If you've ever found yourself doing that, please check yourself. I say that we love, but check yourself because that kind of retaliation usually leads to an escalation of the issue where things are only going to get worse.

It becomes this never-ending cycle of trying to one-up each other. If you've reached this point, all you're doing is planting negative seeds that will now grow into something worse off later on.

3. He's no longer attracted to you.

Let me clear this one for you: no longer attracted does not mean you can’t regain the attraction.

If you’re reading this now, don’t think that means it's done, it's a wrap, and nothing can be saved here.

It just means the attraction has faded and usually that's because things have changed physically or how you're presenting yourself and showing up in the relationship has changed.

I know for a lot of you, you feel like if your man loves you, then physical looks shouldn't matter. But I want you to understand that love and attraction are two different things. He can still love and care about you.

He can still want the best for you, he can still show you kindness, and compassion but to stay with you in a romantic way, he needs to be attracted to you.

There's a lot of women who'll read this and say that they need attraction too. And also, just because it may not be a big deal to you doesn't mean that it's not a big deal to him. 

This is one of the reasons why men have such a hard time expressing this concern. Some women may dismiss the concern or make it about them... they may think that they're not loved or like they're partner is being shallow.

But that's not fair because we have to be honest with ourselves. If the attraction had not been there from the beginning you all would have never got together.

How can we expect you two to stay together or at least maintain a healthy relationship with the attraction being gone? That's not how this works.

When you remove attraction, you essentially go from romantic relationship to a  platonic relationship and ultimately, to roommates. You never want to end up in a roommate situation.

It's important that we always work to maintain attraction in our relationships.

We cannot make excuses, we cannot scapegoat love, and we shouldn't not say love should be enough. When it comes to a romantic relationship, none of these apply.

We have to be willing to ask our partners about the level of attraction they need from us. It's important to find out what they deem important - we can't just assume.

It's not that I want you to cross unhealthy lines to maintain attraction and that's why the earlier we can have that discussion as far as what each other needs,  the quicker we can discover if we can sustain this relationship.

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