7 Ways Men Try To Manipulate Women

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Has a man ever tried to manipulate you? I’m sure the chances are you've had that experience at least once. If you haven't, there's a very good chance you may come across it at some point.

The unfortunate reality in life is there are people out there who want to play games. To be more specific, there are men out there who want to take advantage of you, who are just trying to use you, and get what they can out of you.

There are a lot of these toxic individuals who have learned how to play the game in a way that gets the results they're looking for. These same types of people will have you feeling foolish, feeling used, and feeling drained by what they've put you through.

If you don't have a clear enough picture of how these types of men move and manipulate women, you'll fall for the games and tricks every time.

Great men still exist who are trustworthy and sincere, so naturally, we're not talking about them.

Today, I want to go through some of the things you need to be mindful of when checking to see if a man is real or if he’s just trying to use you.

1. He’s controlling your environment.

The first one on the list is that a manipulative man who will try to manipulate you by controlling your environment.

What I mean more specifically with controlling your environment is controlling the influences in your environment. Toxic men tend to be controlling.

One of the reasons why they must have control is because they have to also limit who can get in the way of them being able to manipulate you.

Them being able to control you and have you do as they say will keep you clear of anyone trying to give you clarity and help you break free from their nonsense.

These manipulative men will survey your environment, your friends, your family, what are you paying attention to, what are you watching, and now try to eliminate these things. Some of these men will make these things major issues for you.

For example, let's say you have a good friend and she’s usually calling out his nonsense. He's going to put a target on her back and try to cause problems with her so that you will stop talking and engaging with her.

He will simply try to not "allow you" to hang out with friends as much. Of course, some of you are saying “who the hell is he to not allow me?”

But the reality is that many women have found themselves in situations where they've succumbed to this man ordering them around and putting up restrictions on their life.

if you find yourself in this situation, don't allow this to happen! You need to be on alert so that you're fully aware of when this is happening or if he's attempting to make it happen.

Here's the thing: I do agree with the idea that we have to be mindful of the outside noise that we allow into our lives including our relationships.

We have to be very careful to invite third parties and unhealthy opinions into our life. There is a responsibility that you have to to be mindful of how this affects your partner. When you have an issue towards a person, ideally you’ll handle it in a way of addressing and resolving the matter not by dragging outside people into it.

Sometimes that friend of yours is a real problem. Sometimes they're the one trying to sabotage your relationship.

I'm not trying to put negative things in your head about your friends, but it can happen. It has happened to many women.

You have to be mindful of the difference between the manipulative man and the man who is just concerned.

A manipulative man will restrain you in growing your relationships with the people around you.

A genuine man will be only concerned to a person who’s causing the problem and will never try to control you.

2. He’s love bombing you.

To give a brief overview of what this is, someone who love bombs you is trying to shower you with all this love, attention, and doing so much he's basically trying to overwhelm you with this to reel you in but then he's not going to keep this up.

He's doing this just to get you and then once he has you the ball game's going to change. One thing to note here is that we have to be very careful with this love bombing label.

I've seen situations where two people felt an amazing connection...

The love, the interest, the desire everything was genuine and there was no plan to manipulate... it was coming from a real place.

But in that realness still came on strong and it still was a lot. Does this mean it's genuine or it's a love bomb?

The question you have to ask yourself is how do I really feel about him?

Because what happens with this love bombing scenario is that a lot of people get attached to what the other person is doing for them.

When a man treats a woman better than anything she's ever experienced before, she gets drawn in and becomes attached or wants to hold on to this guy.

But if you sat down and really talked to her, then you'd see that once you separate all this fluff that he adds to the relationship, she's not really into him as a person.

They don't really connect on a deeper level they don't actually share the same values. In some cases, she may not even be attracted to him.

But he's doing things for her and it feels good to have these things done,  so women will start to confuse that with love. It's not love.

Love bombing is a one-sided affair. It is one individual doing so much by trying to proclaim all this love ,but when you dig deep inside of yourself, you realize you're just not into them.

3. He’s playing on your sympathy.

Next up on the list of ways a man will try to manipulate a woman is by playing on your sympathy or even playing on your nature to nurture.

Here’s a common line that they say: “You're not there for me when I’m down or when I need you!”

This doesn't mean that absolutely EVERY man who uses this line is trying to manipulate you. If he's broke, or homeless, or having some sort of major life crisis, if he's a good person, he would never use that statement to manipulate you.

However, in most cases it's not coming from a genuine place because a man who is genuinely wanting to be would actually be hesitant to move forward in the relationship with you. 

It sounds backwards, but a man who has sincere feelings for you will want to show up for you 100% at all times, and being down really stands in his way of doing that.

But men with the opposite mindset will use statements like this because they're desperate to gain what you can provide. So now, they will use the sympathy of needing your help and if they just had a good woman, things would be so much better.

But you got to be careful with that because it's not your job to make him into a man. It's not that I am so against building with a man. You have to understand the difference between building with him and carrying him on your back.

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Your coach, 

Stephan Speaks

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