9 Signs He's Thinking About You

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There's a quote that says, “I can go days without talking to you, months without seeing you, but not a second goes by that I’m not thinking about you.”
The reality is that when a man or anyone is really into someone, they just can’t help themselves to think about that person.
A person will always be in your mind if they are important to you. Not only do we think about them, but we also consider how they think and feel about us.
For those who are so curious to know whether or not he's thinking about you, let me give you three big signs:

1. He always asks you questions about yourself.

When I say he always asks questions about you, I'm not only referring to simple questions but there’s always a depth and sense of curiosity behind the questions he’s throwing at you. 

Sometimes, you might even feel that it’s too much or you’re like in an investigation. Sounds bad? But believe me, this is a good sign. 

He wants to know you better, and obviously, when he does this, he pays attention to you. He even wants to know important details about your life.

Someone who shows a high level of interest in you is clearly a sign that he’s thinking about you. Not every guy takes initiative to learn more about the person they're dating, so this is a big deal! 

2. He checks up on you.

Let me be straightforward here and don’t think twice about this: when a man doesn’t check up on you, for sure, he doesn’t care about you. When someone values you, no matter how busy they are, they can check on you at the very least.

I know you might be thinking that I’m a little inconsiderate with this thought, but think about it, a simple…

“How’s your day?” 

“What are you up to now?” 

“I’m here at the grocery store. Want something?” 

This isn’t a sign of mere curiosity. It’s a genuine concern, and we receive this from people who think and care about us. 

If he’s not checking up on you and you think that he might just be too busy, or maybe he’s not just that kind of man, then you're probably right.

Talk to him as soon as possible so you can stop wondering why he isn’t making this move.

You must be sensitive. You must feel his sincerity and willingness to adjust to make you feel comfortable.

Remember, when a person is into you, he’s serious about you, and he’s someone you can talk to about anything. That’s a man who’s not playing games. He’s serious about you.

3. He remembers the little things.

Men are not great with details. Some men will be in denial, but everyone knows this. When a man not only knows the big things but also the little things about you and your life, then that’s a significant sign that he’s paying attention to you.

Whether it's your favorite food, your favorite TV series, how you do or say things, if he remembers these details, then he's into you and consistently thinking about you.

This shows that you’re a priority to this man. He is putting in a great deal of effort into the relationship even though it's not common for many men to remember the small details.

There you go, the 3 Signs He's Thinking About You. If you feel that there’s more signs that you can take heed to, then you’re right!

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Your coach, 

Stephan Speaks


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