Do This When Men Send You Mixed Signals

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Do you have second thoughts about the man you’re dating right now? Are you wondering if he really likes you or not?
It can be easy to get frustrated when you're trying to figure out what a man’s end goal could be.
In this post, I'm going to help you understand why a man acts this way and what to do when you start getting mixed signals.

1. Don’t think that you’re the problem.

A man can be confident that he likes you, but at some point, he will start to notice that you’re too good for him. You’re a great woman, and he’s not as great as you are, so as a couple, you’re not balanced because he believes that you’re more and he’s less.

The problem is not you or you being intimidating to the man. It's really about the fact that he doesn’t realize that it’s not about being on the same level, but it’s complementing each other.

Also, a man should handle this and treat this as a challenge to keep up and be better. Sadly, not all men are brave and ready to accept this challenge.

Most of them fail and let go of the chance to be with a good woman in a relationship. Having faith in their current feelings or even making an effort is not a choice for them because they’re too scared. 

2. Settle for a man who works beyond what he’s stressing.

Here are some possible reasons why men feel pressured in a relationship:

  • he isn’t financially ready
  • he feels unaccomplished
  • he feels incompetent

These are all the usual suspects when it comes to men sending mixed signals. If you genuinely love a person, this shouldn't stop you from making a relationship, but some men don’t think this way, and it’s hard for them to shake it off.

Being financially ready is significant for them because it makes them feel strong and good enough because they can provide.

The feeling of being unaccomplished also comes with the relationship mindset of “there’s always something more.” So they focus on the things they can enjoy while not being tied in a relationship.

A man can also feel that they’re incompetent because they haven’t done much in life. This is why they can’t pursue someone they love because this mindset stops them. 

They don’t have the willpower to fight, and as a woman, we should stay with someone who can fight his battles and the relationship that the both of you have.

3. Don’t waste time on a man who can’t give you 100% commitment.

There’s a type of man who seems to make less effort in any stage of the relationship that he might be in.

He's like the weather: hot today and cold tomorrow... he's inconsistent!

But you have to realize that this is a red flag. If a man is genuinely interested in you, he’s consistent and will give his all for you and the relationship that both of you are trying to create.

A man who truly loves you respects your time, and worth won’t go around sending you mixed signals.

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Your coach,

Stephan Speaks


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