How To Hear God In Prayer & Heal A Broken Heart

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Our faith plays a big role in our life and this can also be called the foundation of life. It acts as the guidance and source of strength to keep on going.

But there are times that this faith can have its down times too.The reason for this is your current situation or what you’re struggling with.

It can be family, relationship, emotional, mental, physical or financial issues.

At this point when you feel you’re at your lowest, trying to brave the situation, it’s ironic because you’ll feel as if you lose confidence on how to live your life.

You’ll start to ask questions like, "Why am I being put in this situation?" or "Why do I believe in God when all these bad things are happening?"

These questions need the right answers to feed your soul and to make you feel alive again. The answers give you that sense of motivation and help you learn how to trust God again, no matter what situation you’ll be in.

But looking for the right answers to your questions will never come easy. THat's why I wanted to share this post with you today. I want to talk with you about how to hear God in prayer to help you heal a broken heart. 

Where I will share important points about faith, answers to the questions that you have in mind and to keep on strengthening that faith that you have. 

1. How do you ask God and hear his answer?

Here are a few things that will help you hear God:

  • Pray in a quiet place

A lot of times we're trying to pray when there's too much going on. The TV's on, the kids are in the background... do yourself a favor and shut all the noise off. Shut off the distractions so you can communicate with God.

  • Be calm before you pray 

Many times what triggers us to go into prayer is fear, anxiousness or hurt. We're in a very emotional place while we're praying.

Here’s an analogy to explain this: imagine you have a child and they come to you crying hysterically... they're trying to talk and explain their situation but the words are so jumbled that you can't even make out what they're saying. Ideally, you'd say: “Whoa! Calm down first and speak slowly so I can understand what you're saying.” 

That's what we do to God. We come to Him all hysterically and you're expecting Him to not just hear you but also understand you during your emotional state. But it can’t be like that, you have to be clear on what you’re praying for.

  • Fully surrender to what God has to say

You have to fully surrender to what God has to say and it might be something that you never imagined He would say but you just have to accept it, do it and go with it.

  • Ask specific questions

It’s hard to get answers when we're not even asking questions. A lot of people go into prayer making a petition, praising, venting, but there's no actual question being asked that could be answered.

But you have to be specific when praying. What do you like, what are you asking for, or what do you need to change right now?

Specific questions that can get you not only a yes or a no but also you may hear more than that. Always specifically ask in order to receive an answer.

2. How do you know when the answer is from God, your intuition, or your ego? 

Let's start with ego and intuition. Intuition needs no logic and no facts. It simply feels and is aware of things… It's like when you walk into a room you can literally see nothing wrong in the room but your spirit is telling you something's not right here.

Your ego needs logic and needs to logically deduct well. The process of using your ego sounds something like “this is happening here and this should happen now.” And as a result, your ego will always keep you analyzing the situation you’re in and how you’ll act. 

While when we go with God, I believe it’s our connection with Him. It’s the Holy Spirit that it’s guiding us that even He can’t talk to us verbally, we just know and understand spiritually and for me that’s intuition.

That’s why intuition is always right because there’s divine guidance especially when we pray. I believe that it’s the spirit of truth God blessed us with.

3. How to heal from a heartbreak?

There are a lot of people out there who are suffering from heartbreak and the first step in overcoming a heartbreak is don’t try to get under someone new to move on from the past.

It’s not healthy for you and you won't be the only one who will suffer, you’re also dragging with you the person you’re using to heal from. It doesn't make things right.

Another thing is it's all about you have to let things go, you have to get things off your chest. I'm sure you've heard of people writing letters to others in their past that have wronged them... this is a part of the healing process - just getting your feelings out so you can move forward! 

This will be like an emotional detox. The problem with so many people is they're suppressing so much negative energy, so much trauma and because of that people aren’t functioning in life and think they're okay.

Wherein it’s not true, you're functioning but you are destroying yourself from the inside out. You are going to manifest disease, you're going to manifest more negative situations.

You're going to create unhealthy relationships because you suppress the negative rather than acknowledge it, face it, and then release it.

It's important for you to understand as well that you are not alone because I think a lot of people internalize what they've gone through and they start to view it as "what's wrong with me?"

That only now creates more problems, but when you realize you are not alone you end up feeling more supported... all of our hurts are more common than we think.

There are tons of other people in this world who have gone through our pain. Some of the details of our situation may be different, but the core principle of our pain is the same.

When we understand we aren’t alone and that we’re in a community of people who have gone through these struggles and acknowledge we’re not the only ones who have been hurt, there are also other people who felt the pain, have conquered, and rose above this.

I believe this will give us strength not to fall too deep into the negative and dwell in it so that we can finally rise above this and heal and get to a better place. 

I have a lot more to share about faith and how to heal from a broken heart. Head on my Youtube video and check How To Hear God In Prayer & Heal A Broken Heart and let me know your thoughts in the comments. 

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Your coach,

Stephan Speaks 

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