How To Know If A Man Is Serious About You

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A lot of women date 5 months, 7 months, 2 years, or even 10 years with no real commitment. What are we doing here?

A man who is serious about a relationship will want to commit.

Even when I give somebody signs, there are some situations where a man can do some of these things, and he still isn’t for you.

So, what are some signs that will tell any woman that a man is serious about her? 


One major sign is that he gives his time.

Any man can spend money. Money isn't a great indicator of real interest as time is, but a man has to be willing to give that woman his time.

Now granted, a man who's about something in his life doesn't have an abundance of time to give. So, this is why it's tricky because again if a dude has nothing going on for himself, he has all the time in the world to give you, it can become very deceptive because he will give you 10, 12 hours of his day because he doesn’t have anything else going on.

Whereas the man who's busy and trying to make things happen, he may only have 3, 4 hours of his day to give you. Hell, he may only have 10 hours of the week sometimes to give you depending on what's going on.

Understand that in that dynamic, he's still giving you a chunk of his valuable time. 

You see, the bum on the couch is not giving you valuable time because he has plenty of it. It's not worth much to him, so it's easy.

But to the guy who's actually doing stuff and again, hopefully, women are only entertaining or will only entertain a man who has something going on in his life because when he gives you time, there's more value there.

I do believe that in a general sense, time is a greater indicator of genuine interest than money is, you see what I'm saying?

But again, it doesn't stand alone.


I have two more major tips to give you, but you’ll have to watch this Youtube video to find out what they are. 


The video is quick - less than 5 minutes, so go ahead and check it out now while you have some time! 


With love, 

Stephan Speaks


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