If He Does This, Then He's a Man Who Lies

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Some men are just lying, manipulating, good for nothing, horrible people, looking to take advantage of you. The reality is that I do not want you getting caught up with that kind of man - this is why I put out so much relationship content for free.

I am going to help you out by letting you know the five behaviors of a man who lies.

Now, let me make this very clear: every man is not a liar. Well, let me backtrack that, every person on the face of this earth has told a lie.

If you are honest with yourself, you have done it at least once in your life. I'm not saying it may have been as bad as some others, but a lie is a lie. This particular blog is not about the average person who may lie here and there, which I'm not validating or approving, I'm just saying that's what happens.

This is about the pattern of behavior: the constant lying, the constant manipulating, things like that. A man who has bad intentions, who has no desire to give you clarity and peace and be transparent with you, is simply just trying to play you. 

There are consistent behaviors that these men tend to have that I want you to be aware of. Let’s go ahead and get into it!


Behavior #1: He Doesn't Take Personal Accountability.

Listen, liars and manipulators do not hold themselves accountable. They have every excuse in the book. They're always making it about this, or that, or it's this person… it's never them. They don't want to have to face themselves in the mirror because a liar and a manipulator is trying to hide from reality and trying to hide from any consequences. They are trying to hide from any work that they're going to have to do to make anything better. 

When you notice that this man never takes accountability, this is a huge red flag. I would love to say it's possible that he's not going to be a liar but it's just not likely because at some point they're going to have to twist the story to still make themselves out to be the victim. They're going to have to give false details so they can deflect from this issue.

Even if their initial intention wasn't to lie, it is hard because if you're going, then you can find fault in what you did. If you're going, to be honest, you can see where you can improve, but if you don't want to face those facts you're going to have to bring lies. You're going to have to twist the story just the way it goes.

When you see that he never takes personal accountability, that is the behavior of a man who lies and it needs to be addressed. 



Behavior #2: He's Quick to Turn the Tables on You. 

If he doesn't take personal accountability and he always makes it about someone else, what happens is when you try to address it with him, he flips it on you.

This reminds me of a story that I have to tell you really quickly.  There was a guy I knew… this was many years ago so don't judge me, but, the guy had a girlfriend and I didn't know what he was doing. It turned out she found out that he was running these streets, cheating and acting a fool. 

She calls him up, he's at my house. He's talking to her on the phone and she's going in on him about the whole situation, but then the next thing I know, he’s kind of walking away. I'm doing my own thing when I suddenly hear him going off on her. Now, this whole conversation has switched to him being angry with her, him talking to her in all kinds of ways, and by the end of the conversation, she's apologizing to him.

Here's the kicker, when they hung up the phone, the first thing that man did was look at me and laugh. He knew exactly what he was doing. Liars and manipulators are fully aware of what’s going on, and they will turn the tables on you. 

That is a huge behavior of a man who is a liar and a manipulator. He knows how to make it your fault just so the spotlight can be taken off of him. It is a classic deflection. The really sad thing is it works if you are not as aware as a woman.

So, let me just give you this quick tip: if you ever find yourself in a situation where someone's trying to turn the tables on you. Don't fight them on what they're trying to now put on you. Stick to the script of what you call them about and if they won't, do not continue the conversation.

See, the mistake that people make in those situations is that now you get caught up in trying to defend yourself. And if the liar is good, they know how to keep their foot on your neck, so that you keep having to fight back and you lose all track of what the whole conversation was really about. Their manipulation can totally make you forget the fact that they were the ones that we’re in the wrong and you were addressing them first.

If you know you were genuinely not in the wrong and that you were addressing this properly, and now see they're trying to flip it, you got to stop the conversation.

Do not allow them to have that and let it be known. If they're unwilling to address the issue that you are trying to address, that is your exit out of the relationship. If they won't allow you to address this issue with them, how can you ever build something healthy with them? How can you ever be happy here? How can you even have peace? Because you're never going to get your feelings heard. You're never going to get the issues addressed and you're never going to get anything resolved.

And so, it's a clear sign you're dealing with a liar and a clear sign you're with the wrong man and in the wrong relationship, so, end it altogether.

And with that, I have one last piece of advice:

Trust your intuition.

At the end of the day, I can lay out all these behaviors and I can lay out  even some more behaviors, and again I remind you I want you to address it, not just cut them off at the first red flag.

Above all, your intuition knows best.

The reality is that so many women have found themselves in the wrong relationship because they ignored their intuition. So many women have found themselves wasting their time with a man that they knew wasn’t right for them from conversation number one - and it’s all because they ignored their intuition.

There are women right now who are in marriages feeling stuck because they ignored their intuition. There are women who have baby fathers who they hate because they ignored their intuition.

I hate to use that word but it is what it is because they ignore their intuition. There are so many ramifications, so many negative consequences of simply ignoring what you sense from within.

Now, let me make something clear. There is a difference between intuition and fear. Fear is the logic in your mind breaking things down, and while you’re analyzing, you're coming to your conclusions. Intuition needs no logic, needs no analysis. It just feels, it just knows, it just senses.

So, sometimes the man may have not done anything wrong but if in your spirit you just know you don't belong there: listen.

I actually have a few more tips for you, but you have to head over to my Youtube channel to grab them. Click here to go there now.

Go ahead and watch it now while you have a few minutes. Don’t forget to leave me a comment letting me know which clue was your favorite! 

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