NEVER Chase A Man! He's Not The One For You

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Ladies, I know you all tend to love the man of your life dearly. You're treating him like a king and giving him the best, thinking that's what he deserves.

Have you ever asked the question, “Is he really worth it?”

And does this man actually deserve you?

Does he even know how to give back all the love that you’re showering him with?

Being in a relationship doesn’t need to measure who gives more or less...

... but we have to come to a point where we need to step back and look at the whole picture to realize if what we're doing even makes sense.

As you read along, I'll help you figure out if what you’re doing right now is out of love and responsibility as a partner, or if you’re just chasing after a man.

I want you to start by asking yourself these questions:

1. Is He Really Worth Your Time?

Remember this: a good man doesn't equate to the right man. 

There are times that you might think highly of a guy because you have feelings for him or you already love him.

But in relationships today, we shouldn’t be all about feelings. We have to be rational.

If your partner doesn’t give his 100% in the relationship, he might be just a waste of time because you’re with someone who can’t reciprocate the same effort you give.

2. Are You Chasing Love Or Attention?

You might say that you’ll never chase a man, but others around you may see it differently while you’re in denial.

Maybe it’s not really chasing the man but probably what you’re chasing is the love you think he's going to give you. 

You’re longing to feel this from a specific person, but you’re searching for the fluttering feeling of being in love.

Still, think this isn’t it? Then maybe what you really want is attention. That’s why you’re still going after him looking for the attention from a man that might satisfy your needs as a woman.

3. Are You Letting Him Know How You Feel?

Honesty will always be a good foundation of a relationship, so if you realize that it seems like what’s happening between the two of you is just you chasing him, then it’s time to speak up.

Speak your mind and let him know how you feel. This way, you’ll get the answers to your questions, and both of you will be in sync in your relationship. 

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Your coach, 

Stephan Speaks


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