Stop Waiting For His Text And Do This Instead…

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I think that in today's world, we've allowed texts to consume our method of communication way too much.. but let’s not forget that texting isn’t courting. 

Plenty of us find it more convenient to have a conversation through text, and some of you may find it absolutely annoying.

Either way, I think that even if you're cool with texting, we have to remember that verbal communication is necessary.

If we're trying to really get to know each other and figure out if we can actually have a relationship with each other, you have to communicate.

But the fact remains that texting is a big part of our lives and, with that, many of you have found yourselves in situations where you sent a man a text then you’ll be sitting and waiting for his response.

Now, you're contemplating about what he's doing and why is he taking so long to respond? You may even get a little anxious and start having all kinds of thoughts that run through your head.

All because you're waiting for this man to respond to your text. I want you to understand what not to do in these situations.

Let's jump into it...

1. Do not jump to conclusions.

I have seen many of my women clients, or women that I’m friends with, having this habit of getting in your own head, and allowing your thoughts to run amok.

Your brain will run crazy with all kinds of thoughts because you're trying to analyze why this man has yet to respond...

Jumping to conclusions and assumptions without any facts is a recipe for disaster. The only fact that you have is he has yet to text you back but why he hasn't, you don't know.

This does you no good to sit there and come to your own conclusion as to what is going on right now.

Because what happens in many cases is that you're going to drive yourself crazy by overanalyzing the situation.

I'll give you my personal perspective on this: I’m a firm believer in women tapping into their feminine energy, their power, and operating from a place of strength when they're focusing on a specific feeling.

I would even throw in that they're visualizing about the situation... but not from the place of what they want to see, but allowing their spirit and their internal voice to project to them what they need to see.

Though that is the strength and the power. The weakness is when the woman gets too much into the logical mind of trying to be analytical and breaking things down.

This is not where your strength is because that's just not how you're wired. This is my personal opinion, I feel like when women get into the over analytical mind you only stress yourself out.

Remember, stress doesn't always look the way that we think it looks. It's not always as obvious as we think it is. But when you're worrying yourself and driving yourself crazy running through all these possible different scenarios, you are stressing yourself emotionally and that is going to have lingering effects on you. So, you've got to be mindful.

2. Don't run to family and friends to discuss why he hasn't text you back yet.

You have your own mind, but you also have family and input from friend, which is ultimately guidance from a very biased place that helps no one.

When a lot of women are giving advice, they have a habit of interjecting themselves into the situation.

Let's look at an example: whether it's a family member or a friend, let's say you're listening to someone who just went through the scenario of a man ghosting her via text.

She may be riding off a lot of the negative emotions and perceptions from her experience, and as a result, her advice to you is going to be very negative from the jump.

She's not going to even consider a positive side. She's not going to be reasonable in her thought process of breaking down what actually might be going on here.

She's going to jump to “he's probably doing something bad” because that's what she's been experiencing.

This doesn't mean that there aren't women who can't give unbiased perspectives.

But you have to be careful when you invite these outside opinions, perspectives. The important foundational piece to remember here is you guys are trying to analyze the situation you don't have all the facts about.

It's one thing if you had the facts and you're trying to piece everything together.  I'm not saying you should but I’m just saying that's more reasonable.

But in a scenario like this we simply don't know. Don't make it harder on yourself by bringing outside opinions in.

3. Don't go lurking on his social media.

I've seen a lot of cases where people think that a person has to text them back and they go to their social media and they see the person posted a story.

You get pissed off because you think, "Clearly you're on your phone, and if you're on your phone you must have saw my text! So now I know you're ignoring me." It just goes haywire from there.

A lot of times, this just isn't the case.

I can tell you personally, that there have been times that texts have come through and I don't see them immediately... and because my work is on social media, someone may see me post but that doesn't mean I saw your text.

I may have seen a text come in, but I did not open and read the text yet because I'm not in a place where I can sit down and respond just yet - I'm in the middle of work.

I am not saying this to defend those who are blatantly ignoring your texts or who are engaging in foolishness. It's just to understand that it's not always what we think it is and we have to not be so quick to jump to conclusions or jump down people's throats.

This is why I think it's just best to not even go looking at their social media.

If you're on social media you happen to be following each other and something pops up that's different.

But if you went on there investigating to try to figure out, if he's on his phone, what he's doing, don't do that to yourself.

What ends up happening most of the time is, even if there is a reasonable explanation, you have already jumped to a negative conclusion.

This will make it harder for you to embrace the actual explanation of what happened and will cause you to be more skeptical with this man moving forward.

Don't allow negative seeds to be planted in situations like this that aren't really important.

Now that you’ve learned about the things you shouldn’t do, let’s keep on talking about this topic on my Youtube video ⇒ Stop Waiting For His Text And Do This Instead… to learn about what you should do.


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Your coach, 

Stephan Speaks


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