The 7 Big Signs He Wants To Be With You

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People always say when a man finds a woman that he really wants, there's nothing that can stop him from going after her.

Be that it's giving his time, effort, being submissive, name it, and the man can do it all for his woman.

But how would you really know if a man truly wants you?

Here are some signs that can tell you that this guy is ready for a relationship and wants a relationship with you.

Before we get started, you might be thinking as you read along, “I've seen a man do these things, and he still didn't want a relationship.”

Just keep on reading until the end to find the answers because I have them all covered and for sure, if these signs apply, then he’s really ready for a relationship with you.

1. Consistent communication

If you survey women who are dating, one of the biggest complaints they have is that men lack communication.

It’s really the consistency in communication. The reality is that it’s not just a “man's thing”. But this is a sign that he’s not serious. He's always got too much other stuff going on, and he isn’t really ready to make time for you in a relationship.

So, when you see he does these things:

  • Communicate consistently and catch up with you regularly
  • Understands your desired level of communication
  • Willing to embrace your desired level of communication and consistently does that
  • Demonstrates he wants to hear from you and make sure to have time to talk to you,

then these are very good signs he wants a serious relationship.

2. He makes time for you.

He's ready for a relationship when he makes time for you. More than a man's money, his time is of great value and his time says a lot about his interest in you.

Time is a big deal, and it’s priceless. So, for a man who’s willing to make time for you, not just at his convenience, that’s something big and he’s not playing.

Here are some proven efforts of a man when he genuinely makes time for you:

  • In moments where you want to see him, and he's willing to move some things around to accommodate you. 
  • When he's willing to compromise so he can spend time with you.
  • When he's willing make sure you're getting enough quality time to even be happy with him. 

Some men are genuinely busy. But even the busiest man can make time for his woman that he's serious about.

When he makes time for you, that is another very good sign he's ready for a relationship.

3. He wants you to meet his friends and family.

I knew it when you said, “I met his whole family and friends, but he still played me.”

In some cases that can happen but typically, in most situations, when a man wants to introduce a woman to friends and family, it's because he sees a relationship or at least, strong potential of a relationship in the future with this woman.

He's might have the idea that he can see himself with you or believe there's a really good chance of you all having a successful relationship.

They want their friends and family to see who they're already into, want to get that extra layer of approval, and make sure everyone loves her.

One way or another, it’s typically a great sign, that he wants you to bring around his friends and family.

So he's not hiding you, you're not a secret, it's an open thing that you’re the woman he is courting, getting to know, trying to build a relationship with. Definitely be mindful of that. 

None of these signs are one hundred percent home runs, except the last one I'm going to give you on the list, which you have to check out on my Youtube video ⇒ The 7 Big Signs He Wants To Be With You! 

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Your coach, 

Stephan Speaks

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