The 9 Secret Ways to Make Him Worry about Losing You

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I’m going to be honest with you about something:

Your man should be thinking that he has the greatest woman on the face of this earth.

He should be feeling like, “I never want to let this go.”

He should be cherishing you, respecting you, and loving you in the way that you desire and deserve. So, I want to help you experience that by giving you the nine ways to make him worry about losing you.

I also want you to understand that we don't want to make him worry in the sense of striking fear in his heart. You don’t want him going into panic mode or feeling on edge or even worse, feeling insecure, about the possibility of losing you.

The goal here is to get him to see the value in the woman that you are. We want him to understand that he has something special, but it's not just in him recognizing it through his own admission. It's also through you taking the steps I'm about to lay out that's going to ensure that he is going to regret or be concerned about losing you.

Now, let’s get into the list! 


1. Be His Peace

Peace is something that men crave, and to be quite honest with you a lot of men aren't getting it. A lot of men are in a relationship with a woman who may be "a good woman" but that relationship is not filled with peace, not filled with joy, and so when there isn't peace, why would someone crave holding on to that?

Why would someone be worried about losing that?

If anything, they might be wondering “how do I get out of this” because nobody wants to come home to war. No man wants to have to embrace a negative woman.

So, when you can learn to be his peace you strengthen the relationship.

But guess what? It's not just about being his peace, you have to be your own peace as well!

All of the tips I’m going to give you today are about healthy things that are going to create healthy relationships.

And that starts within you.

If you need to resolve some things within yourself that's throwing things off in your relationship, then find ways to get them resolved as soon as  possible. 

2. Speak Love and Positivity into Your Man

When you become the source of positivity and love, he wants to be around you. When he has to go to work and deal with the nonsense of work but he knows he has a woman that when he's in her presence only speaks love and positivity into him, he wants to be there. He doesn't want to be out and about when he can be relaxed next to the woman that makes him feel good.

Learning how to speak love and positivity into your man doesn't mean that you can’t be honest about how you feel. Sometimes your honest feelings may come across as negative or pessimistic.

And in this case, it’s not what you say but how you say it.

Learning how to convey your message in a more loving, peaceful, feminine manner, is going to go a long way. It's easier to be positive and loving when you're at peace from within.

When you're doing the things for you to feel better about yourself, to feel good, to have the energy that you need.

So, you do have to make sure that you are locating the negative influences in your life that throw you off from staying in that more positive and loving mindset and get rid of them.

It may be trauma from childhood. It may be that you're not prepared to be fully vulnerable and the reality is that being positive and loving requires a level of vulnerability.

Whatever it is, find the root, and fix it for you and for your relationship.

If you can do this and become that positive loving woman that I just talked about, that's a powerful force! And that's something that he will regret or he will worry about losing.


3. Find Out His Specific Needs and Desires

The biggest thing here is to actually implement or provide his needs and desires after you find them out.

One of the greatest mistakes many women make is that they assume what their man wants because it’s what they were taught. Instead, it benefits everyone in the relationship if women learn what actually makes him happy. Women do things based on their own logic or their own assumptions and they don't realize it doesn't always connect with what that man was looking for.

It's almost like you're with this man and you say “what would you love for your birthday?” And he says you know what, I would just love a box of pizza, some liquor, me and you watching a movie, and we have some sex.

I'm just throwing that in there because that's what some guys would say, all right 😉

Now, women may hear this and you say “You know what, he needs a new wallet. Let me go get him a wallet.”

No pizza, no liquor, no sex, no nothing. Just the damn wallet.

And in your mind you're thinking he should be so happy because he needed this wallet. In his mind it's like, “I asked for specific things and there was a different need that I wanted to be met and you ignored that.”

This happens so often: what he's actually desiring is not connecting with what you're trying to pour into.

So, when you take the time to find out his needs and desires specifically to him and then you pour into that, you immediately become a woman like no other because the average woman does not do that.

The average woman does not take the time to find out.

I just gave you a lot of info here, but you can get tips 4-9 on my Youtube video!  

Check it out now while you have some time, I’ve got way more insight to give you so you can have the relationship you’ve always wanted!


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