The 9 Things Men Wish Women Knew About Them!

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I want you to know that there's going to be some things in this post that may catch some of you off guard and it may trigger some things in you.

But keep on reading, trust, and believe that everything I’m about to mention here is to help you and give you clarity.

To clear up the confusion that many of you feel like you're dealing with when it comes to men, dating, and relationships.

This is going to help you have more harmonious and successful experiences with men.

I’m going to show you how simple men can actually be, believe it or not, and break down some of the things that men wish women knew.

If you go looking on the internet there's all kinds of lists so this list could have been 25 things long, but I narrowed it down to 9 things that I really wanted to highlight in this post.

1. Men aren’t good with hints.

It's the fact that women are horrible flirters or bad hint droppers.

The reason is because what you may feel like is a clear hint isn’t clear to the man and what ends up happening is there becomes a lot of frustration in things not advancing.

You may feel like you have conveyed "clear hints" but so many men are oblivious to that.

The reality is that men aren't as observant or as in tune with details as women are.

It doesn't mean all men, and it doesn't mean all women, but the average woman is very good at picking up little details.

You're catching it because your brain works that way and women expect men to receive it that same way.

But for men we're just not paying attention to all the little things. It's not even necessarily because we just don't care, we're just wired differently.

Imagine a man with a woman not catching on to something on her body or her new hair color.

Automatically the woman assumes the man doesn't care, when that's not the case, it’s just that men are simply unaware.

But I think it would eliminate a lot of frustration for a woman if she understands and embraces he isn’t as good with the hints as she thinks he is.

2. Men like to get compliments too.

You’re reading it right, we want to hear how good we look today, how strong you think we are, and how great you see us. Men want to be complimented.

I'm even going to use the word praised. Men like to be praised by the woman they love, by the woman they care about. I can hear some of you women saying "he's a grown man... why do I need to stroke his ego?

I hate how people have demonized the phrase to "stroke his ego" and the reason why I hate it is because the reality is that we all want that.

We all want to receive that admiration from the person that we love. I agree and I can acknowledge that some people take it to an unhealthy point.

Giving your man compliments can catch his attention because what you have to understand is men typically are not the ones getting the compliments, it's men complimenting women.

When a man receives it, it feels good, and it's nice. As human beings we all desire that. You want to be mindful of not forgetting the need to pour into a man in that way.

3. Men really do think women are beautiful without the makeup.

I put this on a list because I was seeing it come up a lot and I've heard a lot of men complain about it and I am not here to discourage any woman who loves to wear makeup, that's not what we're doing here.

But it is to give clarity to the idea that men are genuine when they're saying this. I hear so many women dismiss it or counter it with “well, I don't wear makeup for you.”

He's just letting you know that he sees your beauty beyond the makeup, it's real, and if you say “well, if men genuinely like the natural look, why are they chasing all these women with heavy makeup?”

If they're lusting after those women, it's not the makeup. It might be that she still just looks good with the makeup or it might be that she has a nice body.

There's a lot of different reasons why he may be showing that woman attention or lustful attention but it's not about the makeup.

I’m a believer that makeup is best when it is used to enhance not transform. Essentially enhancing your features bringing out certain things about you and that's great.

But the way, some women, or people, wear make up today and it completely transforms their face... this causes a lot of concern for a lot of men.

Which is why more and more men have become more adamant about women either wearing less or no makeup.

I’m not saying that every woman's transformation throws a man off like that, but I know you all seen some of these videos on social media where there's some wild transformations! 

The point is it’s a genuine thing... it's nothing to be offended by and and you shouldn't be bothered by this.

But I do understand that some of you do genuinely love wearing makeup and you wear it for yourself.

I think it really boils down to just really embracing the balance of having your time with your makeup but also getting comfortable without it as well. Let your skin breathe, it's good for you and it's healthy. I hope you consider this.

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Your coach, 

Stephan Speaks


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