The Power Of Walking Away From A Man (How To Let Him Go)

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Letting go isn't always easy but for a lot of people it's absolutely necessary. However, I understand that can be easier said than done.

You may have experienced this or you may be going through this now or God forbid, you might find yourself in a situation like this where you're dealing with a man and you're struggling to walk away.

The reasons may vary because not every situation involves a bad guy... and that could be one of the hardest positions for women to be in.

I always say that one of the most difficult things when it comes to relationships is for a woman to be with a good man she's not in love with. It becomes so much harder to validate and justify her choice to walk away to others.

If you don't belong in your relationship, you have to work on detaching from that situation so that you can position yourself to receive what is truly best for you.

Saying, "let him go" it doesn't help - you need more guidance than that.

I want to break down for you exactly how to cary out this process.

1. Be Honest About Why You're Still With Him

The first thing that you need to do is ask yourself, if you’re really being honest with yourself about what’s happening with you or your relationship.

If you are going to break free from a situation that you don't belong in, this doesn’t automatically mean that it involves a "bad man" or "toxic man".

Once we're able to pinpoint why you're holding onto the relationship, then we can address the deeper issues.

Being honest with yourself gives you the opportunity to dig deeper and explore questions like “Why am I afraid to be alone?” or “Why do I struggle with this?”

That’s where we start to identify the root issues that are contributing to these feelings. The reality for so many people is that your struggle in the current relationship stems from something in your past.

it could be something that you may think is irrelevant, but it absolutely is.

Trying to address the relationship struggles is really hard if you don't understand what has contributed to how you even got there. By acknowledging it and being honest with yourself about it, we can now really get to the root.

2. Holding on Only Does More Harm

Here's one of the common themes I have seen with women who struggle to let go. It's the fear of hurting his feelings. This is more specifically true when the guy is a good guy and now you struggle to validate walking away from him. 

You may have even tried to break up with this individual before. You've tried to walk away but let's say he starts crying, he starts begging, he starts saying things like, "I can't live without you," whatever the case may be. Now, the guilt gets to you and you let him back in.

You fear that he can't live without you or that the breakup will devastate him, especially if you are the one holding the household up financially and has limited resources outside of his relationship with you.

Some of you reading this may not care what his excuses are, but there are many that will use these excuses as a validation point to stay with this individual.

Here's what I need you to accept… You are not doing him, or yourself, any favors by holding onto the relationship. All you're doing is actually making things worse.

First, if your concern is hurting his feelings well, guess what?

His feelings are inevitably going to be hurt because you are not truly in love with him and because you're not truly in love with him or you have completely checked out of this relationship you cannot pour into him what he needs.

One way or another, he's going to end up miserable. I would argue that it's harder to be in a relationship and still feel like you're alone. No one wants to be in a relationship and not get what you need.

If you're single, you at least have the opportunity to seek it elsewhere. But if you're in a relationship and you can't get what you need, desire, and deserve, it feels like jail.

It feels like you fell into a trap and you don't know how to get out. That is not a good feeling to have. You’re not helping him by holding on to him.

3. Getting Everything Off On Your Chest.

I’m sure many of you have heard the quote: “The truth shall set you free.”

When you don't speak your truth, you live in bondage, you live tied to the lie, and now, that weighs down on you now you can't experience life to your fullest because you're not living in your truth.

When we don't get things off our chest when we don't express ourselves, we create more problems and bondage.

We now have a stronger, but unhealthy, attachment to this individual. Let me put it into an even better perspective for you. There's many women who have walked away from a man, but never got a chance to express their feelings and frustrations about the relationship.

Months later, they still find themselves emotionally attached even though it may seem as if they've successfully detached on the surface.

Because they have not released the truth they needed to speak, they have not allowed themselves to get their feelings out. This is why I stress the importance of healing before you move on. 

“Maybe if I would have asked him about this" or "Maybe I should have said that...”

The 'ifs' and the 'maybes' keep you holding on emotionally and doesn't allow you to find the peace that you need.

How do we get rid of that negativity and chaos? We address it, we get it all out.

Just keep this in mind: there will be some questions you have that you won't be able to answer. But notice this isn't about you getting questions answered this is about you releasing what you need to say.

It's about how you feel and how this has impacted you. Once you do that it's like an emotional detox and you will feel a weight being lifted off your shoulders.

There are still more things for you to learn about how to walk away from a relationship, but they’re all in this video ⇒ The Power Of Walking Away From A Man (How To Let Him Go)

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Your coach, 

Stephan Speaks


P.S. If you've gotten this far, then you're probably ready to start on your healing journey... I give you the formula to proper healing in my book, Love After Heartbreak. Click the link to grab your copy now!

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