This Is Why 80% Of Relationships Don’t Last

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This is a very important post on why relationships fail. I need you to read it from the start until the end.

There may be some things that you already know, but I am almost sure you’re going to read some things that will throw you off guard or seem unexpected.

This is post is for all the men and women experiencing some hardships with their relationships - trust me, you'll get some good tips on some things you can work on to improve your next relationship.

I'm going to tell you about three major reasons why relationships fail so you can work on your relationship or save it from these red flags!

1. There's a lack of emotional maturity in the relationship.

The first reason why relationships fail is the lack of emotional maturity. Here's the problem:

So many people have not learned how to manage their emotions. They’re being reactive rather than thinking, praying, and processing before taking any action on what they're feeling.

This creates so many toxic situations where people say things they regret, leading people to take actions that come back to haunt them. 

So much goes wrong because people don’t learn how to manage their emotions. It's no one's fault, because we're not inherently taught this by our parents or society.

Unfortunately, it's almost like you're supposed to freestyle in life and figure it out. You're probably surrounded by other individuals who lack emotional maturity too so you don't even know what a good and healthy level of emotional maturity looks like. 

You've got to learn to pray before you react. 

You've got to learn to think before you react.

You've got to learn how to understand that what you're feeling at the moment is not permanent. 

The problem is not properly processing and just letting emotions take over and then reacting immediately.

2. You have poor communication skills.

Having poor communication completely connects to the first reason as to why relationships fail.

Let’s just go back a little to number one, the lack of emotional maturity. So, a lot of times people are just reacting, people get upset, and they get in their feelings.

Rather than talking about it, they either shut down or act out. Whereas if they had just sat down and discussed it, they may have been able to fix things. 

I can’t tell you how often I have counseled a couple, and when the relationship ends and when you talk to both individuals, what you find out is neither one completely had a full picture as to what the issue was. 

They didn't have that full picture because the other person never fully explained it. What they're doing is they're arguing, they're screaming, they're reacting in the moment, but they're not effectively communicating.

We must learn how to talk to our partners effectively. It's learning how to be heard and to hear them. 

It's learning how to gain the clear picture of what they're saying rather than assuming things.

So much goes wrong when people assume. They start analyzing and overthinking. The bottom line is, that you have to learn to talk to and understand each other.

3. There was never a connection in the first place.

Now here’s the third one, there was never a connection. I know some of us have different meaning when we say connection.

So to give a brief explanation of what I mean by connection, I believe it’s a deeper spiritual occurrence. It’s when your spirit recognizes its match. 

When two people are truly in love, they can be themselves and can be drawn to each other. 

It's when two people just click, and there’s nothing that is forcing you to click. I always say you can’t create a connection, and you can’t destroy it. 

Connection always comes back around, and when it does, it's almost like nothing's changed.

The feelings come right back. It's like you were talking to them just yesterday. It’s a very strong powerful experience, and it's not something you experience with everybody.

You can like many people, you can love a lot of people, but you won’t feel a deep and genuine connection with everyone. 

A loss of connection is what I have found to be the huge missing ingredient in any failed relationship. Two people who have a deep and genuine connection have an easier time communicating, and they have a high level of desire for each other.

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Your coach, 

Stephan Speaks


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