Unequally Yoked Relationships: When A Man Isn't Right For You

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Most of us think that for a relationship to be successful, we have to be compatible with our partners, but it doesn’t work this way. It’s more important that you and your partner complement each other to keep the relationship going.

If you’re trying to be compatible with one another, both of you might lose the idea of giving and taking, which leads to just following what your partner wants so the two of you can match.

Once you start learning how to be with your partner, then you'll start to complement one another while you experience the ups and downs of a relationship.

But are you sure that you’re with the right man now? As you read along, I will share some tips to help you recognize when a man isn’t right for you.

1. When you argue about spiritual matters. 

Lucky for you if you’re with someone who has the same beliefs when it comes to spirituality, but most people don’t have the same situation.

It shouldn’t be a problem, but respect always needs to be in place for the sake of love and keeping the relationship in order. You can be with someone who doesn’t have the same spiritual beliefs but still maintain the relationship as long as you have a respect for one another.

Now, if he's someone who tries to change or challenge your beliefs on issues you stand firm on, then you may need to rethink the relationship.

This shows that he's not fully respectful of your beliefs, and in the end, the whole relationship will just be hard for you.

2. When your intuition says, something is wrong.

You can always trust your intuition. If you feel that the man you’re with is no good and doesn’t have solid plans for your relationship, then it’s time to leave him.

The right one will never make you feel uneasy in your relationship... he's someone who is always working to improve himself and always gives his best effort.

3. When the attention you’re getting is not what you deserve.

Women are known to be very patient but you have to give yourself limitations. Some people see this and tend to abuse it simply because they know the consequences are minimal, if there are any at all!

You can tell that a man isn't serious about you when he

  • doesn't give you some good ole' TLC
  • never indulges in quality time with you
  • doesn't prioritize you
  • doesn't make an effort to be a better partner for you
  • doesn't listen to your feelings and observations about him
  • gives you excuses instead of changing his behavior

If you run into these red flags, they simply mean that he's not serious about you.

The bottom line is that if he's engaging in any of these behaviors, he's just not a match for you.

Someone out there is, but it's just not this dude. And that's ok.

Remember, you want to have a partner that you complement, it's not always about being compatible.

You can be compatible in a number of ways and still not complement each other so that you can have a great relationship.

I have a few more tips for you on how to tell whether or not a man is right for you.

You can watch them on Youtube here ⇒ When A MAN Isn't Right For YOU! | Unequally Yoked Relationships

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Your coach, 

Stephan Speaks

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