When a guy stops texting you

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You meet a man then you guys exchange numbers. You started communicating, maybe by phone, probably by text, everything seems to be going well then all of a sudden, he stops responding.


You might be shocked or confused about what’s happening. So here you will find out what's going on and what you need to do when he stops texting you.


Let's get to the topic at hand: a lot of women have dealt with ghosting, and it's an unfortunate situation. The reality is that it's happening a lot more than it should nowadays.


If a man suddenly ghosts you and never texts you back, here's what to do next:

1. Don't be so quick to automatically cut him off.

I know that it can be difficult because of the knee-jerk reaction, he's no longer communicating, he's not serious, it's done. I'm sure a lot of friends and maybe even family will tell you to let his behind go.

There’s a variety of possible reasons why this happened and it's not always an example of him not being serious or having a real interest in you. As difficult as that might seem to believe, that is the case in some situations. I think what's important for you as a woman is to take a step back, and before you just react to his lack of response, we need to go over a few things and evaluate what's going on.

2. Evaluate the whole situation.

If he’s not responding anymore, it could be a symptom of his laziness in his communication or could be an extension of other toxic, unhealthy, or undesirable behavior.

If he's just pretty much piling on more excuses, then this should be the last straw. Go ahead and cut them off because clearly, this man is just not invested in trying to build a healthy relationship.

But let's say when you actually take a step back and look at the entire situation. There really is nothing else wrong other than this moment right here or these few days or weeks that you have not heard back from this man.

It’s best to say, let's dig deeper because if he has been on point in every other way, then there's a greater chance that this may be an outlier. Something probably went wrong it may not have been intentional.

3. Don't dwell on the situation.

In a situation where this man stops texting, don't dwell on it. What I have found is that when we don't get to speak our peace, we don't get to ask the question we want to ask, or when we don't reach out that one last time, it can cause things to linger within us.

It could cause us to say the words “maybe I shouldn't have done this…” because no matter how tough you want to be on the surface, sometimes there's a part of us that feels like "well, maybe I could have tried something different because I may have really liked him."


There are 4 more things that you can keep in mind when he ghosts you, but you'll have to check out my Youtube video: He STOPPED Texting Me...WHAT NOW?!?


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Your coach,


Stephan Speaks


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