When A Man LOVES A Woman, He Will DO THIS...

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When a man truly loves a woman, nothing can stop him from doing everything for his woman.

But as a woman, you shouldn’t be complacent and take advantage of the love your man is giving.

The reason is he can get tired if you’re really getting hard to deal with and what’s even worse is he might fall out of love.

So for today, I will guide you on knowing when your man truly loves you and how you can take care of him.

1. When a man wants a woman, nothing will stop him from pursuing her.

Once men set their eyes on a woman they like, they’ll start to focus in on and show that person how they feel through their actions.

This is where time and effort come in. When a man makes his way for you, this can be a clear sign that you’re important to him. 

Another indication that you’re special to a man is when you start to have deep, meaningful talks. This means he’s comfortable with you to the point where he's ready to open up and be vulnerable. 

When you see and feel these signs, you have to be very aware of your actions. If you’re in a stage where you all are just dating, then you want to follow his lead and give back to him what he gives to you.

You don’t want to make him feel that the love he gives is not being reciprocated, and you’re not being serious about what he offers you. 

2. He will not put himself in a position to lose you.

When you get a man’s trust and loyalty, he will never let you down. He will assure you that you’re the only woman in his life. 

He will make it a priority to shower his love on you and show you that he’s worthy of your love, time, and attention.

Again, all you have to do to keep this man is show him that you love him... reciprocate his energy so that he knows you feel the same way and appreciate him.

3. Gaining weight will not be an issue for him.

You might see this as shallow, but there is a deeper meaning when a man doesn’t give too much attention on your weight gain or a change in your physical appearance entirely.

When a man isn't hyperfocused on physical change, it doesn’t mean that he doesn’t notice it or he doesn’t care. 

It’s because that emotional connection and love for you has been solidified, so nothing else can throw him off track. He loves you for you, and not your shell. Snagging a man that isn't focused on your physical aspects is huge because as we all know, the physical fades as time goes on. 

If you're a woman, your body goes through things like hormonal changes, pregnancy, childbirth, and just good ole' aging! Your man understands this and doesn't put unrealistic pressures on you. Again, it's you he's after. 

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Your coach,

Stephan Speaks


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