When He's Not Ready For A Relationship

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You can't make someone be ready for you. If they aren’t into it, then you're not obligated to wait around for them to make up their mind.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of women hoping that the man will make up his mind and decide to suddenly want a relationship when he has stated or possibly hasn't said it but he showed that he's not ready for a relationship.

You have to be mindful of how to navigate this situation because if you mishandle it, you can find yourself feeling stuck.

You'll find yourself getting so caught up and so attached to this individual that now you struggle to do what is truly best for you.

So, I want to lay out some questions you need when you try to evaluate a man who says or shows signs when he's not ready for a relationship.

1. What do you really want?

So many women get caught up in compromising their true desire in an attempt to make a relationship "work".

This effort happens when a woman doesn’t want to lose her man because having a partner at the moment or in life is important to her.

But as time goes on, this no longer makes things work. Instead, it end up being more of hr lying to herself and the man she’s with because she’s not being honest about what she really feels, wants, or needs.

You must say what you really feel and if he isn’t ready for it then you have to accept it... don’t just go with it for the sake of having someone there.

It’s normal not to know what to do at all times but take some time to think about what you really feel deep down, the things that you want to happen, and what you really need as a woman.

Don’t always consider him and those who are around you. Learn to have only what you deserve and leave behind the ones that aren’t keeping up with you.

2. Is he trying to use me?

The concern of he's just trying to use you is only if you allow him to use you.

So, what I mean by that is if this guy says he’s not ready for a relationship and he just wants to keep you around, then that isn’t right.

If he just meets you because he wants to have sex, then that isn’t right and if you don’t want to, then simply don’t do it.

If you are concerned that he's just trying to use you, then don't do the things that will make you feel like you're being used or cheated.

You know when you’re getting less than what you deserve and when you feel that, you don’t have to stay in the situation. Make the decision to leave.

If he's not pouring back into you in the ways that you need, that's an issue. You'll start to see this as you get to know the person through time.

He must respect how you handle him or the relationship that you have. Respect should be there when he responds to how you act in situations that you share together.

The guy who's just trying to use you is someone who will keep on pushing you to do things you're uncomfortable with.

When you start to turn him down for the things that he’s asking for instead of respecting it, he’ll get angry, and annoyed, and will bring you on a guilt trip. It’s clear that if he’s being like this, then he’s just trying to use you.

3. Should I hold on to him but just see other people in the meantime?

That can be really messy and you have to be real with yourself about what you can handle.

If you want to see other people, do your thing but to hold on to someone while seeing other people just isn’t right.

If you’re with someone whose boyfriend material but you feel he’s not ready for a relationship then what you can do is still try to spend time together so you can test the waters.

See how your relationship grows through time with that man. It’s a healthier way to take care of your mind and heart without hurting anyone.

But if you are holding on to someone and still being consumed by it with the expectation that things will change, then that could be a setup for disaster.

You're bringing other people into the situation, and if you're really holding on to him with the belief that he'll come around, things can get messy with all parties involved.

These other people are just placeholders to you at that point and if they have genuine feelings for you or a desire to be with you, the truth is going to hurt them.

It just creates all kinds of nonsense so that's why I would want you to be extremely careful with that kind of approach.

It'd be better to just let go of him and do your thing. When he’s ready then you all can come back together.

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Your coach,

Stephan Speaks


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