Why Guys Give You Mixed Signals

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“Does he like me, or doesn’t he like me?” Many women ask this question when they're confused with a man’s actions towards them.

It can be easy to get frustrated when you're trying to figure out what the man’s end goal could be. 

Does this sound like you? If yes, make sure to read ahead because I will help you understand why a man acts this way and the meaning behind his actions.

1. He wants you, but he doesn't think he's the one for you.

He knows for sure that he likes you, but he thinks that you’re too good for him. You’re a great woman, and he’s not as great as you are, so the two of you are not a match to him since it seems you’re not equal.

This is not an issue of you intimidating the man, but instead, he doesn’t realize that it’s not about being on the same level, but it’s complementing each other.

Also, the man should address this and take it as a challenge to keep up and be better. Sadly, not all men are brave and ready to accept this challenge.

Most of them fail and let go of the possibility that the two of you can be in a relationship. Taking the chance or even making an effort is not a choice for them because they’re too afraid. 

2. He feels that he doesn’t deserve you.

Here are some possible reasons:

  • he isn’t financially ready
  • he feels unaccomplished
  • he doesn't feel capable
These are all normal worries by people in general.
If you truly love a person, this won’t stop you from building a relationship, but some men don’t think this way and it’s hard for them to shake it off.

Being financially ready is big for them because it makes them feel strong and good enough because they can provide.

The feeling of being unaccomplished also has the mindset of “there’s always something more.” So they focus on the things they can enjoy without entering a relationship.

A man can also feel that they’re not yet capable because they haven’t done much in life. This is why they can’t pursue someone they love because this mindset stops them, and they don’t have the will to fight it.

3. He wants you, but he can’t fully commit.

This type of man seems to make less effort regardless of whether you’re still dating or in a relationship.

He's like the weather: hot today and cold tomorrow... he's unpredictable!

But you have to realize that this is a red flag. If a man is genuinely interested in you, he’s consistent and will give his everything for you and the relationship that both of you are trying to build.

A man who truly loves you respects your time and worth won’t go around sending you mixed signals.

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Your coach,

Stephan Speaks


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