Why You Really Need To Let Him Go...



You're not happy, and you haven't been happy for a very long time. You might be in a relationship lacking fulfillment with an emotionally draining and inconsistent man. Things don’t look how they’re supposed to be.

At this time, you might still give him the benefit of the doubt or multiple chances just to prove himself. But does it work? If you can’t tell if he’s for keeps or if he needs to go, then in this article, you will find out the answer to “Why You Really Need To Let Him Go!

A relationship should be filled with happiness and contentment towards you and your partner. Both of you should pour out your effort not only for the relationship that the two of you share, but also for the betterment of one another.

Care should be present, including the support you have for one another as you take opportunities individually and as a couple.

Now let’s get straight to the answers and let this guide you to decide on your decision on whether or not you should let him go.

1. The effort is unequal.

When you fall in love with the man you’re in a relationship with, you will do everything for him. This could start with simple reminders on how he could do better on certain things or the effort you give from your date nights.

Then one day, you might see the fruit of your labor. He’s starting to be a better man for you after all your endless reminders and countless efforts that you have made. That looks great, but in reality, how are you? Are you getting what you need? Is it reciprocated?

Have you checked yourself to see if he makes you a better woman too? Do you feel assured, supported, and prioritized? If you think that what’s going on is one-sided, then something’s wrong, and you should be aware that this is not good for you and your partner.

Think of it as if you’re building a house but instead both of you work on it, you're the only one who’s carrying all the bricks and putting them in place while you’re not receiving any help or effort from your other half, and despite that, you’re not saying a word.

If you tolerate this behavior that he's giving you, he will think that not doing anything in your relationship is fine since you’re there to work things out.

You may speak with him once you start to feel like it’s all on you but remember there shouldn’t be a negotiation. This should be something he should take the initiative with or an effort that shouldn’t be asked of him.

It's a problem if he does not match your effort, that's when you need to let him go because he's not truly best for you, and you don’t deserve this kind of man.

You need to see this from both sides because the quicker you can embrace that, the faster you can have the strength to walk away from a relationship you don't belong.

2. He’s being disrespectful.

Here’s a reminder for the ladies out there: no one should tolerate any form of disrespect and abuse. The more you allow it to occur in your relationship, the more you have enabled him to continue with this behavior. He has no reason to change if you keep accepting disrespectful behavior.

Suppose you are going through an abusive relationship. In that case, I understand it's not always so easy to walk away because you could be protecting something important but don’t settle in this kind of relationship.

Any form of disrespect should not be tolerated and needs to be nipped in the bud.  A man who disrespects and abuses you needs to be removed from your life. Let him go immediately if he does this!

3. He’s just there at his convenience, and you’re not a priority.

If we have successful relationships, we've got to recognize that the person we're trying to build with or in a relationship with needs time, attention, and effort.

That goes for both the man and the woman, and when you're dealing with a man who only wants you to be available at his convenience, or who is not trying to make adjustments and work with you and making sure you both have what you need in this relationship, then you need to let him go.

I understand that there are men whose time is more limited than others. I recognize and acknowledge that, but still, that’s not an excuse to put a woman he's serious about on the back burner all the time. There should be some sort of compromise because he’s still getting what he needs.

If he does this, then it's time to let him go!

Complete the answers to this guide to decide whether to keep him or let him go. Check out more signs that will help you decide if you need to let him go in my Youtube video: Why You Really Need To Let Him Go...


Your coach,

Stephan Speaks


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