The Right Man Bundle
The Right Man Bundle

The Right Man Bundle

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The love of your life is on his way 🥰...

A high-quality man who will listen to you, comfort you, make you a better person, and bring endless joy into your life. He exists! And God wants you to meet him. But are you prepared to receive his unconditional love?

There are numerous factors that can keep you from crossing paths with your ideal partner. 

This powerful, expertly written series will help you pinpoint exactly what these obstacles could be, how to overcome them, and position yourself in the right spot to meet “the one”!

Here’s what’s included in this delightful 3-book bundle:

1. The Man God Has For You: An insightful guide that will help you determine if the man you seek is the one God intended for you, teach you how to heal from past trauma, and give you groundbreaking insight into a man’s mind and actions! Strong and inspiring prayers for love included. 

2. God, Where is My Boaz? A straightforward, fun, and easy read that will reveal the common obstacles to receiving true love, and shed light on what it really takes to be united with the perfect man. The knowledge, self-care tips, and Biblical verses here will all serve as invaluable tools in your quest for romance.

3. He’s Lying Sis: The truth bomb you’ve needed for a long time. Learn the most common lies men tell, how to avoid the negative cycles caused by his dishonesty, and most importantly, how to deal with a lying/cheating man. Great advice about creating open and healthier communication moving forward too.

Whether you just want to mend your current relationship OR attract a completely new man who fits you like a glove, this series is a must-read! If you’re struggling in any way, shape or, form with your current love life, then don’t fret and grab this bundle today! 

In due timing and with the help of God, you will meet a man who loves you for all that you are, all that you have been, and all that you will be.

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