God Where Is My Boaz? - Ebook
God Where Is My Boaz? - Ebook

God Where Is My Boaz? - Ebook

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You are the woman a good man is praying for ❤️

Waiting for the right man to show up? Well don’t hurry, and don’t worry. Trust that God has a plan in your best interest. And your Boaz IS out there… 

But right now, there are so many variables that could be affecting your ability to receive the one who’s meant for you. Whether you’re dating, thinking about dating, divorced, or going through a divorce, this book will teach you how to:

  • Overcome the obstacles that are preventing you from receiving your soulmate
  • Self-reflect deeply and honestly (i.e. at your past thoughts, actions, & behaviors)
  • Grow spiritually via insightful Biblical verses 
  • Prepare for the love you deserve, and the next steps to take
  • Stay positive and hopeful as continue bettering yourself!

Straightforward, empowering, and easy to read, you’re about to embark on a journey that will leave you whole and equipped to receive your blessing in God’s timing.

It’s essential to know what God wants for you before you add someone into your life. And if you’re ready to be opened and enlightened with a groundbreaking perspective 🤯 that will blow your mind and lift your mood instantly, then read this now!

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