A Love Letter To You - Ebook

A Love Letter To You - Ebook

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When was the last time you felt genuinely appreciated?
When was the last time someone made the effort to celebrate you just for being you?
When do you take the time out to pour back into you (your love) what you give so freely to others?

 A Love Letter to You I want to help you do all these things and more. I honestly felt led to write a book that just spent time truly celebrating women from the male perspective and voice. I wanted to spend some time on the page honoring you, pouring love, words of adoration, and showering you with positivity. If you are on a journey to find self-love and acceptance, this book is dedicated to helping you embrace all the many things that make you beautiful, powerful, lovable, and truly unique.

My intention with this book is to touch your heart in a way that I’m sure you’ve touched other’s hearts all throughout your journey. I want to spend some time in conversation with your Being. You are the keeper and sustainer of life. I endeavor to recognize, revere, and show respect for the many shapes you take.

No special occasion needed. You are the Gift. A finished work. An act of God’s genius.

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