Daily Affirmations for Healing

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Experience more healing and happiness into your life starting today!

•Are you ready for positive, lasting transformation in your life?

•Do you battle a lot of negative self-talk?

•Does your view of yourself line up with God’s word?

•Have you lost confidence in your ability to live out your dreams?

Positive, lasting transformation is now within your reach. Discover the power using affirmations can have for supporting you on your healing journey. 

Daily Affirmations for Healing is designed to be used as a standalone book for daily empowerment, or with its two companion books, Love After Heartbreak, Vol. I and the Healing Heartbreak Journal.

Stephan Speaks focuses on affirmations to heal every area of your being. Physical, Mental, Emotional, Spiritual, Relational, and Financial. Stay encouraged and uplifted in your daily life.